Optimize Website Conversions

Increase your website conversion rate by using Feng-GUI attention analysis.

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Attract the viewer's attention

Find out how people see your website or creative media and realize which areas attract notice and which will be overlooked.

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Increase Ad & Brand Effectiveness

Test and improve the effectiveness
of your creative, before it airs.

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Feng-GUI Dashboard

Empower designers and creatives to effectively analyze attention and attraction in visuals.

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Free Attention Analysis demo

Notice: This demo is not as accurate as the premium service. To get more accurate results and detailed reports, purchase a Dashboard account.

How to use the demo
* Click the "Like" us on Facebook button. (below)
* Click "Browse" to select an image to upload.
* Select a jpg or png image file (<500KB).
* Click "Analyze" to generate an attention heatmap report.