Feng-GUI - Predictive Visual Analytics

Predictive Visual Analytics
Actionable insights since 2007

  • Get instant feedback on visuals, at a fraction of the cost and time of traditional eye-tracking.

  • Test websites, adverts, videos, print media, shelf layout, signage and packaging design.

  • Turn visual data into actionable insights.

  • Stay ahead of the market by leveraging AI to boost productivity and reduce costs.

Fast, Reliable, Affordable

Get instant and unbiased feedback at fraction of the cost and time of traditional eye-tracking

Customer Testimonials

Read how Digital Marketing experts are using Feng-GUI to provide results for their clients

Tim Ash, Digital Marketing Keynote Speaker & Advisor, CEO at SiteTuners
 Conversion Rate Increase by 84%

Feng-GUI rocks! It is a simple tool that will identify attention leaks on your website, and help you to focus on what is really important for your visitors. If you don't use it on key web pages, you will be leaving a lot of money on the table....
Neil Patel, Top influencer and one of the Top 10 Marketers on the Web
 One of the 3 Tools for your Marketing Campaign

Feng-GUI simulates human vision during the first 5 seconds of visiting the site and creates heat maps based on algorithms, showing where the gaze paused for longer.

Liana Ling, WSI IC, President at Power Up Strategy
 One of the most useful tools we have ever purchased.

We love the Feng-GUI reports! I do not know where we would be without them. They constantly astound our prospects and clients. One of the most useful tools we have ever purchased.

Bryan Eisenberg, Optimization Expert, Keynote Speaker, & NY Times Best Selling Author
 One of the 3 out of 150 Conversion Optimization Tools he wouldn't want to Live Without

You got to love a tool that can show your designer why they may be costing you money

Dr. Christophe Morin, CEO at SalesBrain
 Advertisement results were way above plan

Feng-GUI predictive eye tracking is a powerful tool to understand the neurobiological basis of visual processing. We have performed many training workshops and studies for AVON worldwide, most involving the use of predictive eye tracking data to help executives become more effective at creating and deploying ads.
Angela Schmeidel Randall, Founding Principal at Normal Modes
 Customers love these eye tracking heatmaps - they're simple and powerful

We use the latest techniques in user experience strategy, including eye-tracking heatmap analysis using Feng-GUI, to identify "blind spots" and bottlenecks that lead to customer confusion. Customers love these eye tracking heatmaps - they're simple and powerful, especially when paired with user experience analysis.

Use AI Tools to Scale Your Marketing and Improve Productivity

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Benefits And Features

The Core Concept

Increase Conversion Rates

Landing page optimization experts are using Feng-GUI to improve website conversion rates by increasing the visibility of call to actions elements.

Find out how people see your website or creative media and realize which areas attract notice and which will be overlooked.

Improve Visual Performance

Digital Marketing and Media agencies are using Feng-GUI to identify weak spots and to improve performance and emphasis key messages.

Measure the visual performance of campaigns, before they air, by analyzing levels of attention, brand effectiveness and placement, as well as how individual elements are perceived.

Fast, Reliable, Affordable

Feng-GUI reports closely resemble a 5 seconds eye tracking session of 40 people. Our algorithmic model incorporates tens of thousands of live eye tracking results.
Our analysis is as accurate as real eye tracking (92%), approved by MIT, at a fraction of the cost and time.

How it Works

Upload an image, webpage or video file.
No installation required.
Feng-GUI simulates human vision and predicts where users will focus their attention on your design.
Reports provide a complete graphic representation of the strengths and weaknesses of your design.
Refine layout, placement, format and key messages, to induce action and increase conversion rates.
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