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Feng-GUI predictive eye tracking is a powerful tool to understand the neurobiological basis of visual processing.

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AVON Central Europe used predictive eye tracking and NeuroMap to assess the final spread advertising of an oil hair care product. We have performed many training workshops and studies for AVON worldwide, most involving the use of predictive eye tracking (PET) data to help executives become more effective at creating and deploying ads.
We have taught numerous teams of product managers, designers, and marketers how to interpret PET maps using NeuroMap™. Obviously, performing a true eye tracking (TET) study with real subjects would yield more accurate data. However, the cost and time it takes to perform true eye tracking studies is an issue when you produce a huge volume of ads each month.
Dr. Christophe Morin | CEO, Chief Pain Officer
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Online Marketing WSI

Feng-GUI was instrumental in choosing the design
that proofed as increasing the conversions

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Our client was looking for a good design with an emphasis on converting visitors to clients. Several designs and versions were created and all of them had Heatmaps run on to check conversion characteristics and make design decisions. Design efforts were coordinated with other marketing company.
Mauricio Rojas | WSI Internet Marketing Consultant

Bryan Eisenberg

Bryan Eisenberg, the Conversion Optimization guru, name Feng-GUI as one of the 3 out of 150 conversion optimization tools he wouldn't want to live without.

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Ok, you know I am a tool junkie and I keep a list of over 150+ tools to improve your website and marketing efforts at but you are limiting me to just 3... what torture!
  • - There is nothing like showing executives and their teams video of actual people using there website.
  • - You got to love a tool that can show your designer why they may be costing you money.
  • - Does anyone really have enough time to keep writing better PPC and Facebook ads? This service uses crowdsourcing and their network of writers to compete in A/B tests with your best ads to find a better one. Bonus, you only pay when their ad beats yours.
Bryan Eisenberg | Online Marketing Guru


Designing to convert - our experience redesigning the SYNAQ website

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We use Feng-GUI to produce visual heatmaps of where the attention is being placed on each site. It's a nifty tool to try and predict if your call to action has enough prominence on the site that you've designed.

The next set of user tests proved much more effective. The navigation seemed simpler to each visitor, there were no major complaints and two of the user testers spoke very positively about the experience of the site! Which felt great to hear and see with our own eyes.
Yossi Hasson | Managing Director

Inter Grupo


Remember the website address of Carros Autossura

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Looking for a color and shape combination to bring attention to the URL and create a tendency to read and remember the full URL.
By changing the background we were able to bring attention to the URL at the bottom of this poster.
Juan Camilo Suarez | Senior Vice President

Design Shack

Mastering User Attention With Feng-GUI

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Looking for a color and shape combination to bring attention to the URL and create a tendency to read and remember the full URL.
By changing the background we were able to bring attention to the URL at the bottom of this poster.
Joshua Johnson | Editor

A Better User Experience

Using Feng-GUI in Determining Your Website's Critical Path

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What we've proved is that if you keep your eye on the critical path of your website and design your information so that it can be digested at a glance, it will yield valuable results.
Ben Snyder | Owner of Little Wing Marketing

Gabriel Goldenberg

Homepage Design: The Tip To Top All Best Practices

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It's far more likely you'll succumb to the temptation to clutter your homepage if you first create a full-size design, rather than designing the mobile homepage first. Look at how the gaze plot and heatmap from Feng-GUI shows the human eye having too many focus spots on the regular home page ... and this is Amazon we're talking about, the retailer everyone looks to for leadership in usability and conversion rate optimization.
Gabriel Goldenberg | Owner of SEO ROI

Tomáš Kincl

Designing for Culturally Diverse Audiences: Can Automated Attention Analysis Substitute the Eye-Tracking in Website Development?

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Feng-GUI was able to provide similar results as eye-tracking and thus may significantly reduce website development cost and contribute to more efficient marketing communications. The analysis confirmed that Feng-GUI can digest management relevant outcomes for marketing managers and web designers who oversee and take decisions about the international portfolio of brand websites.
Tomáš Kincl, Ph.D. Dept. of Exact Methods Faculty of Management University of Economics, Prague