Using emotiv EPOC neuro-headset to control the Angry Birds game.
Mapping mouse movement and mouse left button click using emotive EmoKey KeyMap and GlovePIE.
GlovePIE is used to map the emotive "Push" to mouse left button click.
Project members: Rafael Mizrahi, Anat Sambol

emotiv headset connected to a windows version of angry birds, running on Intel's AppUp applications engine.
using GlovePie which has a flavor that supports mapping to emotiv.
GlovePIE was used as an addition to emotiv EmoKey KeyMap software because KeyMap mapping software is lack of mapping of mouse clicks.
So, mapping is done by setting emotiv KeyMap to listen to your mind's "push" or "Anger" :) and emulate F11.
GlovePIE maps F11 to mouse.LeftButton making the click invoked on the Angry Birds game.

pictures taken at KinnerNet 2011 Unconference.