This robot was built with the GarageGeeks guys. Bringing our image processing and visual attention skills into the brain of the GuitarHeroNoid, a robot that plays the PlayStation GuitarHero game.
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Real Virtual Skater

Converting a real skateboard into a game controller .
Taking a real skateboard and using it to control and "ride" the game "Tony Hawk Pro Skater" (THPS)

More information at RealVirtualSkater page.

Juke Boxee Box
DYI Boxee JukeBox.
more details at the Juke Boxee Box project page

Iron Man Simulator

Immersive flight simulator using UAV leftovers and a large propeller.
more details at the Iron Man project page

Tron Costume

Play the arcade game Discs Of Tron using a frisbee controller and motion detection camera.
more details at the Tron Custome project page

60 LEDs Guitar

A Guitar which light LEDs to instruct you which string to fret and where to place your fingers.
more details at the 60 LEDs Guitar project page

Tangible Kabuki
Taking the TangibLaptop project one step further.
Instead of using physical small hand size objects, Real people are the players in a musical part by wearing fiducials masks.
Together, we create a musical part where you can take part by wearing fiducial masks detected by the Tangible laptop.

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iLed party Glasses

Wearable party led lights glasses which flickers Alpha waves with an amplitude that is based on a microphone input. Hallucinogen state of mind, not included.
Feng-GUI Research and Projects
Out of the office activities.
The 10% in the 70/20/10 Model

Guitar Hero Noid A robot that plays the GuitarHero game.
Real Virtual Skater Converting a real skateboard into a game controller.
Tangible Kabuki Real people are the players in a musical part.
Mind Controlling the Angry Birds game.
WiiMan SuperHero Nintendo WiiMan Super Hero.
Red Sea Mobile water skiing on land.
Per Capita exhibition with Tarazi Studio.
Music Workshops with GarageGeeks
iLed party Glasses flickers Alpha waves
Tron Costume play Discs of Tron arcade game
Juke Boxee Box DIY BoxeeBox
Iron Man Simulator Immersive flight simulator
60 LEDs Guitar Teaches you how to play

Mind Controlling the Angry Birds game

Using emotiv neuro-headset to control the Angry Birds game.
more details at project page

WiiMan SuperHero

WiiMan is a full action figure costume of a super hero
that functions as a Nintendo Wii remote.
more details at WiiMan project page
more WiiManSuperHero images at flickr

Red Sea Mobile

Red Sea Mobile Hagai Cohen and Mel Rosenberg strikes again with this water skiing on land vehicle.
more details at the Red Sea Mobile project page

Tarazi Studio - Per Capita
Per Capita exhibition
The video installation "Per-Capita" traces the signs placed on the head of each person visiting the exhibition.
The visitors wear over their heads a piece of cloth marked by a red routing cross. A tracking camera 'identifies' the sign, tracks it down and puts a routing cross on it.
By screening the "tracking map" on the gallery wall, the background images constantly shift producing a different context for each situation.
In one situation the exhibition visitors become targets of targeted killing, and in the other situation they are individuals in a video game.

Artists House, Tel Aviv Israel: September 2007
Garanti Gallery, Istanbul: December 2008.
"Imm cologne and passagen", Peter C Neumann Gallery, Switzerland: February 2008.
Basel Design Fair, May 2008.

Music Workshops

Garage hands on music workshops.