Attention Analysis

Feng-GUI simulates human vision during the first 5 seconds of exposure to visuals, and creates heatmaps based on an algorithm that predicts what a real human would be most likely to look at.

Feng-GUI Dashboard offers designers and advertisers, a pre-testing service that measures the performance of your design, by analyzing levels of attention, brand effectiveness and placement, as well as breaking down the flow of attention.

Use Feng-GUI to

Use Feng-GUI attention analysis to realize which areas of the webpage or the advertisement gets most of the attention.
  • Optimize landing page layout and colors. Increase Call to Action visibility.
  • Identify weak spots within an Ad and improve its performance.
  • Improve the location of brand and branding effectiveness.
  • Retarget crop and resize aesthetically a photo.
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Attention Heatmap report

The Attention Heatmap displays the most attractive elements of the image in the form of "hot" and "cold" spots. The Attention Heatmap report is a predicted eye tracking report which show how areas of the original image attracts the attention.

The heatmap colors range from green through yellow to red. The colors are representing low, medium and high levels of attention, respectively. Areas with no color implies that this area will be over looked.

Gaze Plot report

The Gaze Plot report visualizes the scan paths and order between elements inside the image. A Gaze Plot report is also referred as scanpath report. It is made of a series of short stops (called fixations) and fast movements of an eye (called saccades).

Fixations are marked with circles along with a number that state the order in which the eyes move between fixations.
The first fixation is marked with the number (1).
On average, fixations last for around 200 ms during the reading of linguistic text, and 350 ms during the viewing of a scene.

Use the Gaze Plot report to visually demonstrate fixations order and gaze paths.

Opacity map report

The Opacity map report tones down information that is not attractive and visually displays what your viewers may perceive during the first few seconds of visual inspection.
The most transparent areas are those that attract more attention.

Use the Opacity report to identify which areas are being perceived and which are being ignored.

Areas of Interest report

The Areas of Interest report (AOIs) lets you define areas inside the image and determine the percentage of the attention this area is drawing.
Areas of Interest report is also referred as Regions of Interest report (ROIs)

Use the Areas of Interest report to compare results between different versions of your design and layout.