WiiMan is a full action figure costume of a super hero that functions as a Nintendo WiiMote remote. This email quote explains how it started:
Guys, I have an idea for GarageGeeks KinnerNet 2008 project. it combines Gaming, Technology and Useless Activity to the extreme. Building a full action figure costume of a super hero called WiiMan. The costume (that I don't mind wearing) acts as a fully functional Nintendo WiiMote remote with buttons, bluetooth, accelerometers, and an IR cam. imagine this setup on the stage, one of us plays Wii, and he is frustrated from his score. He thinks out loud "if only WiiMan was here to help me" WiiMan enter the scene with his waving cloak and plays with the him.


First appearance of WiiMan

WiiMan first appearance was at KinnerNet 2008 Un-Convention, during the Friday night Extravaganza.
Here are some photos taken by the great photographer
Herbert Bishko

Gill Hirsch starts a Nintendo Wii game.

He is very frustrated that he can't shot and hit a single duck.
so he goes "Man... I really suck. If only WiiMan was here to help me."

WiiMan jumps into the scene and plays with Gill.

and explains to the crowed, about the Wii costume.

WiiMan to the rescue

Having trouble playing Nintendo Wii?
WiiMan the Super Hero to the rescue.

Buttons inside the Shirt

WiiMan shirt has an inner layer of Wii buttons.

Using 2 slices of "Sol" paper, created the rectangle Wii. Attach to the "Sol" paper, normally open switch buttons. On the switch buttons, glue, buttons shaped plastic surfaces.

Concept Images

How it all began